Bay Shore Animal Hospital

More than 80 Years of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

Are you searching for the perfect place to bring your pet for veterinary care? At Bay Shore Animal Hospital, our staff has more than eight decades of veterinary experience and provides exceptional, outstanding services. Our practice belongs to numerous associations including the Long Island Veterinary Association, the New York State Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Heartworm Society. Call us today at (631) 665-0004 for unparalleled assistance.

Bay Shore Animal Hospital began its life as a local town animal shelter around the 1920’s. The facility was then purchased by a veterinarian, Dr. Fake, around 1935 who opened the first animal hospital in Bayshore at that time. After passing hands to Dr. Sherman, the practice continued to flourish. Around 1968, Dr. Shapiro, who graduated first in his veterinary class at Cornell, brought the medicine and surgery to another level. The current, owner, Dr. Steven Dratch, began working with Dr. Shapiro in 1982 until he took over complete ownership in 1995. Under his guidance, the practice has grown even more building a strong reputation for quality and compassion. His associates, Dr. Terrel, and his newest member, his son, Dr. Joshua Dratch, all contribute to the hospital’s success in various ways. With the combined efforts of this team, their expectations are to continue to elevate the level of medicine and surgery through new technologies and constant continuing education.

The hospital provides all types of veterinary care, including digital X-rays, in-house laboratory with immediate blood results’ capability, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, ultrasound, and dentistry. A majority of the animal hospital’s staff has been employed there for years and has developed a close relationship with their clients and patients.

Bay Shore Animal Hospital’s Philosophy

It is the philosophy of Bay Shore Animal Hospital to give back to the community and therefore, enjoys working with many of the animal leagues on Long Island. The staff understands that although many people love their pets, they may not share the same economic conditions. Keeping that in mind, the doctors at Bay Shore Animal Hospital do everything they can to avoid compromising the quality of care in those situations. The priority has been, and will always continue to be, about the pet’s quality of life and his or her importance to the family.

We offer the following services at Bay Shore:

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It is our goal to be your one-stop veterinary center in the Bay Shore area. Look no further for a veterinarian to provide the best possible care for your pet in Bay Shore. We have extended hours and our four doctors are always ready to assist you and your pet. Contact our office at (631) 665-0004 to schedule an appointment!


What Sets Us Apart

  • Warm And Compassionate
  • Family-Owned Animal Hospital
  • Follow Up Calls Made After Every Visit
  • Proven Commitment To Responding To Clients
  • Strong Bonds Created Between Families Pets And Doctors
  • Working Relationships With Local And International Veterinarians