Bay Shore Animal Hospital FAQ

Have questions? We have answers!

If you live in the Bay Shore area and are searching for a compassionate, caring team to provide exceptional care for your pet, look no further than to Bay Shore Animal Hospital! We have more than 30 years of veterinary experience and can provide various services for your furry friend. It is our goal to form a strong bond with you and your pets so you can rest easy when you bring them to our facility. Below are commonly asked questions and answers related to the services we provide at Bay Shore. If you have any further inquiries, please dial (631) 665-0004!

Why should I visit Bay Shore Animal Hospital instead of another local animal hospital?
At Bay Shore, our staff is known for being warm and compassionate to both you and your pets. We are also a family-owned animal hospital, so you do not experience the disconnected, chain-store feeling you may experience in a larger, more well-known animal hospital. Our team goes above and beyond to form relationships with you and your pets, which include follow-up calls after every appointment and returning your calls as soon as possible. We also work with local and international veterinarians to ensure your satisfaction.

Do you belong to any associations?
Yes, we belong to the Long Island Veterinary Association, the New York State Veterinary Medical Association, and the American Heartworm Society.

If my pet requires medication, do I need to go somewhere else or can I obtain medication at your facility?
Yes, you can get your pet’s medication at Bay Shore animal hospital! We also have a lab on premises so you can get your pet’s results within a timely manner.

Is Bay Shore open 24/7?
While Bay Shore Animal Hospital is not open 24/7, we do have day, evening, and Saturday appointments available for your convenience.

Do you offer any discounts for clients?
Various types of discounts are offered at Bay Shore, such as a senior discount and multiple pet discount!

Call us today at (631) 665-0004 to speak with our staff regarding any other questions you have!

What Sets Us Apart

  • Warm And Compassionate
  • Family-Owned Animal Hospital
  • Follow Up Calls Made After Every Visit
  • Proven Commitment To Responding To Clients
  • Strong Bonds Created Between Families Pets And Doctors
  • Working Relationships With Local And International Veterinarians